Reason Why I love Pam and KW

My life was pretty ordinary and the day we listed our house I met Pamela Madore which changed my life forever.. she taught me to live my life by design not default. My job was ok and I settled for pay because I had summers off. So we lived paycheck to paycheck! I hated waking up on Mondays to go to work! So I took classes and now No Regrets! Pam helped me every step of the way and I would not have picked any other company than Keller Williams. We are family there and everyone shares what is helping them to be so successful! Keller Williams also lets you brand yourself not just the KW brand!

I love KW!

I love KW! Thank you Pam for helping me become a realtor

Completed the missing link

I’m so thankful Pam invited me to Keller Williams. I’ve been involved in many businesses and other brokerages over the years but always thought that there was something missing to the business or consistency of the model.
Keller Williams systems and their teachings have answered this question and they have shown me the missing link to my business. I had a great first year and look forward to continued growth throughout years to come thanks Pam and KW!!!

Keller Williams is Home

Keller Williams became home to me. They taught me the what and how to become a great real estate agent. I have such a great opportunity to build a business not just sell real estate. Keller is a family not just a work place!

I would highly recommend her services

I met Pamela madore about 5 years ago when I was looking for property in Amarillo TX, I live in new Hampshire 2500 miles away and she made it seem as if we where both in the same room, she described everything in such detail when I made the trip to Amarillo there where no surprises I did purchase a investment property from Pam and when it was time to turn it over she was there to help me with that as well. I would highly recommend her services from start to finish I will guaranty you will not be disappointed.”


Right Direction

I have known Pam Madore for 15 years, she is one of the hardest working, most knowledgeable people I have associated with. With her background in Mortgages she can really help her Real Estate clients move in the right direction to complete a successful deal.


Very satisfied

Very satisfied. We appreciated the personal service and amazingly fast sale. I would recommend your team to anyone selling or buying a home. Thank you.