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Join the fastest growing real estate company in the world!
There must be a reason that people want to join Keller Williams.
We believe that it is about lining our own pockets and not that of the owners.  We are encouraged and trained to grow our individual businesses  under the umbrella of KW.  They provide the models, systems and tools necessary to become successful.  We aren’t thrown out to the wolves with no idea what to do.  You have to be willing to plug in to the systems and learn and do what needs to be done.
Everyone  helps each other because it is important to all of us to have a growing market center.  I can show you how you can earn more than 100% of all of your commissions.  Click here for more information.
Does that sound too good to be true?  It is too good to be true!  But it is true.  If you are going to be successful in the real estate business you have to realize this is not a “get rich scheme”.  It is a work smart, consistently and on purpose in everything that you do. It takes time and  you are going to have to work.  If you are  your own boss, would you fire yourself?
We have all of the training to help you reach whatever goals want.  To put our money where our mouth is, we have a Productivity Coach that will help you with your map.
We have been named the #2  training company in the world — across all industries—by Training Magazine.  We believe in a constant and consistent personal growth plan and we provide the methods and tools for that to happen.  All you have to provide is the work. That sure if easier than  if you had to re-invent the wheel!  We have on-site training, regional training, national training, and international training.  and many trainers that come to us onsite. Agents from other companies come to learn from our trainings.  Everyone is welcome.
We have a youtube channel covering every aspect of any questions that you may have.  We have a contact data base system, a pre-set campaign system to systematically stay in touch with the people in your database.  These campaign can be personalized to you or you can use the canned version.  We believe in saving trees.  Everything is done electronically.
We brand ourselves.  My signs have my picture on them.  You can have your own signs and

marketing materials that promote you and not Keller Williams Realty.  You will not see any advertising, ever, by Keller Williams Realty.  Our philosophy is that we don’t want KW to be the “big shot”.  We want you to be the big shot.

We all have our own personal search app.  Instead of your clients downloading they can download or whatever your name is.  It has some very cool features and if a clients wants more information about a property then can contact you directly from the app. search that you can give to your clients and if they see a property that they are interested in they can contact you directly from the app.  Cool features.  It’s is just another perk that KW give us.
Some people say that it is expensive to come to Keller Williams.  We have a $57 a month fee.  That fee covers a number of things.  One of the big ticket items it covers for $15 a month is your errors and omissions insurance. Other companies charge a per transaction fee.  I have heard that that fee is as much as $75 a month.  We don’t do it that way. Everyone pays $15 a month right across the board. And, after all, if you are running a business you will want the least cost for the most value.
The other $43 covers all of your technology, database system, website, electronic system and daily training.  That doesn’t sound too expensive to me.  I have a sheet that tells you all about it.  When we meet we will go over each detail specifically.
The Board of Realtors/MLS has about a $90 a month fee.  Here at Keller Williams, we bill each agent the $90 or so a month fee along with the $57 fee that goes to us.  We then pay your bill to the Board of about $90.  Some real estate companies only collect the fees when you have a closing.   In my view, that is a very bad business practice.  If you don’t have a closing, the owner is stuck with paying your bill.
At KW we want you to pay your bill.  We want you to be a stand up business person that has planned for the future and budgeted your expenses.
Of course, the other reason refers back to me showing you how to earn more than 100% of your commission on every deal.  I teach this class periodically.  Or I will tell you in person when we meet.
So if you want to join the fastest growing company in the world, interview with KW even though you may be thinking of joining another company–just give us a chance.
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Can An Introvert Be A Real Estate Agent?

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

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    a shy, reticent person.

Can An Introvert Be A Real Estate Agent?
Many people think that in order to be a real estate agent you have to be all bubbly and a real extrovert.  There are many real estate agents that are extroverts.  But not all.

Let’s say you think you are an introvert.  If you are a mom or a dad and you have a house full of screaming kids, are you shy?  No.  You take charge of the situation.  Why?  Because you are experienced in this situation which gives you confidence.   You know how to handle a 5 year old.

It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, if you are normally shy, the more experience you have in that type of situation the more confidence you gain and the less shy you are.
Dance on the Table

It works the same way in real estate. You do not have to be all bubbly and dance on tables and stuff.  What you need to do is gain experience so you will feel confident.  If you are reading this then I am going to imagine that you have had a job sometime in your life.  It could be that the first day you went you were scared out of your wits.  But as the days went on you gained experience and that gave you confidence.  That is how it is in real estate, too.


Think about this.  If you consider yourself an introvert and you want to buy or sell a house, do you want a bubbly, gushy real estate agent?  They would probably scare you to death!  You would feel more comfortable with someone that is confident but doesn’t ooze.

So can an introvert be a real estate agent?  Absolutely.  Get trained.  Get experience.  Get confidence.

I can help you with this.  Let’s set a time to get together and I will thoroughly explain all of the details to you!


How Do I Know Which Real Estate Company Is For Me?


Not all real estate companies are created equal.  Some are large and have many agents and some are mom and pop operations.  There are franchises and there are family owned companies.  

Most real estate companies are what I call "traditional" real estate companies.  What that means is that there is broker (generally the owner) and there are agents who works for the broker. The broker may offer such things as office space, signs, and someone at the front desk to answer phones.  They may be other things, too.  Each brokerage is different.

Generally the broker is a "competing" broker which means that they also list and sell houses.  In my view that can become a problem especially if the name of the company is John Smith Real Estate.  If someone calls and wants to buy or list a house, who are they going to ask for?

Typically, all of the signs are the same and if you are the listing agent you put a "rider" on the top of the sign with your name and number so that if someone is interested in your listing they have the opportunity to either call you or call the main office number on the sign.  

In a traditional real estate company, the agents share their commissions with the broker.  I couldn't say what split each company has or if each agent gets the same split within the company.  So the commissions that are paid to the broker pays the overhead expenses and the rest is profit that belongs to the broker. 

As I said, there are many variations among traditional real estate office. You will only know what they are by asking each office independently.

The company that I work for is not a traditional real estate company.  It is not "broker" centric.  Instead it is "agent" centric.  What does that mean?

It means that the owners (not the broker) believe the company is about the agents.  The agents are the company and are treated as stake holders.  We have a council in our office (market center) that makes internal decisions about how our market center  is run.  

We have free training in our market center nearly every day Monday-Friday.  We bring in trainers from all around the country to teach on current market trends,  ideas on how to grow your business and tools to use to increase your income.  

Speaking of business.  Each agent is in business for themselves.  For instance, we are encouraged to have our own signs with our phone number in big numbers leaving our market center's phone number the smaller number.  We can design our signs with our own pictures or caricatures.  Our company believes in each of us growing our own business.  

We have a broker in our office as required by the State of Texas.  Our broker, however, is just that.  Our broker.  He does not have his own business.  He is not growing his business and when people call about a property he is not asked for. 

Each agent has a split with the market center until we reach a certain point in our anniversary year and then there is no split.  We keep it all.

The split that comes to the market center pays all of the overhead and then there is a profit.  Unlike a traditional real estate office, our owners keep have of the profit and gives back to the agents that have invited people into the company the other half of the profit.  Really?  Yup.  It's true.  We are true stakeholders and are all interested in the bottom line.

Speaking of bottom line.....we are an open book company.  All agents are welcome to look at the books and see where the money is going.  

We are an international franchise company with a culture that promotes a big family atmosphere.  We have charitable organizations within each market center and an international charitable organization.  

For me the list of reasons goes on and on.  I chose a non-traditional real estate company because I like to grow my own business.  I like that the owners give back half of their profit.  And I like being a part of a big family.

Before you decide on a company, come and see me.  Give me a chance to show you around and then you can decide which type of company you would rather be a part of.