Keller Williams Profit Share Explained In Layman’s Terms

There is much misunderstanding about how KW Profit Share works.  Many people say it is a pyramid scheme or an MLM.  Others say that it is nothing more than a way for the owners to make more money.
Neither are true.
Here is the basic premise for Profit Share.  Keller Williams Realty believes that every agent is a  "stakeholder" in the company.  In other words, it is about us as agents and not about Keller Williams as a company. We are a franchise and each franchise is called a Market Center.

Take, for instance, the way we are encouraged to "brand ourselves".  We are not working to promote the Keller Williams Realty or Keller Williams Realty's name as other agencies do.  Instead we each promote ourselves.  We are known because of how we promote ourselves to the public instead of how Keller Williams Realty is promoted.
Being a stakeholder means that we share in the profit of the company.  In simple terms, at the end of each month the owners of the Market Center keep half of the profit and the other half is given to the agents that have helped grow the Market Center!
Do you see the owners of MLM's giving half of their profits back to the members?
The owners of the Amarillo Market Center gave back to its agents almost $350,000 in 2016!  Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?
Profit Share is a serious business opportunity.   The owners of Market Centers around the country gave back to the the highest receivers, a husband and wife, for 2016 a whopping $1.6 million.  Yes, I did say million.  As in any other business it is something they built over time.
If you are in the numbers that believe KW is a pyramid scheme, please take a few minutes and sit down with me and let me show you the details and how it could benefit you.
If you are just thinking about starting a career in real estate let me show you how to make Profit Share a part of your business plan!