Keller Williams Offers It’s Agents Profit Share Opportunities.

Keller Williams offers to its agents an amazing opportunity called Profit Share. Agents that help grow the company participate in Profit Share.  It is free money. Literally.  Unfortunately, for some reason it is a well-kept secret.  If only everyone knew the amazing opportunity that could be theirs.

Did you know that there are agents in Keller Williams Realty that never sell houses?  They focus their entire time on helping Keller Williams grow.  And it seems to be working since we are the #1 company in the world.  

So where do you find people that want to participate in Profit Share?  Let me first ask, how did you hear about it?  Did you see it as a stupid idea or an amazing opportunity?

Here are some ideas of places to find people to present the idea to.
  • Craigslist---It is a little more difficult with CL after they made all of their changes last year but I still get a lot of leads from CL.  Maybe that is where you found me?  Be creative about categories.  You don't have to just post in jobs.  Post in health care fields.  I have been successful in that.  
  • Read FB posts.  I mean really read them.  I got an appointment today from a group that I belong to and the girl sounded unhappy with her job.  The reason she sounded unhappy was not because she was a complainer but because I could tell she wanted more.  Just take the time to read the posts. They don't have to be from anyone you directly know.  Just PM them
  • This one might surprise you but what about FSBO's.  If they are willing and want to sell their own house they might like to do it full-time.  When you talk to a FSBO that is the old "oh, may I ask you one more question?" "Have you ever considered becoming a full-time real estate agent.  You seem to like houses". 
  • If you see someone successful in their position, talk to them about transferring those skills to becoming a full-time agent.  We can help with putting together numbers and potentials to show them how to make a predictable income.   If you want to talk to someone about that major high-powered transition, talk to Rob Law [agent in our office].  He was a very successful drug dealer (prescription) and made the decision to change careers.  Talk to him.
  • Women whose kids are all in school.  These moms have skills that we could

    only hope to ever  know.  Now their kids are all in school and she is  bored to death.  Chances are they will go to work doing something.  It may as well be in real estate.  Growing Keller Williams and collecting free money.

When you are prospecting daily and doing your lead generation set part of that time as lead generating for prospective people that would be interested in the Profit Share Opportunity.  .  
Remember, free money is good.  21st of the month. Passive income is the best.