How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business

How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business

I have found that there is a great misunderstanding about what happens when you get your real estate license.

Here are a couple of myths. 

When you get your real estate license people DO NOT call you the first day and beg you to sell their house or help them buy a new one.  

When you get your real estate license your company DOES NOT give you people to work with (exceptions apply--ask me).

When you get your real estate license the entire world  IS NOT notified that you are available.

So where do you start?  

The first thing you do is FIND people to talk to.  There are as many ways to find

people as there are people.  Some of the most successfully ways are phone calls


to people you know and social media. How about the people programmed into your phone?  Sometimes just for kicks I call people in my phone and ask who they are.  Admit it.  You have some of them, too.

That was an aside.

At Keller Williams Realty we TEACH you where to find people and then we teach you what to SAY. We have classes and coaching and videos and books and people wanting to help you.  

We are not the typical real estate company.  We have a vested interest in you and our greatest desire is to help you become a successful real estate agent that Builds A Successful Real Estate Business.  

Building a real estate business is like business is like building any other business.  You have to be willing to work on your own personal growth.  You have to be "teachable" and not re-invent the wheel.  Trust me.  Keller Williams invented the wheel with all of our models, systems and tools.  
Building a successful real estate business at Keller Williams is like following the directions on putting together a piece of furniture.  I expect you know what happens when you don't follow directions........been there.  Done that.

Come and talk to me.  Let me show you how to "build a business".