Here Are The Top Five Things That Make Being A Real Estate Agent Exciting!

1.  No two days are the same.  Most jobs have some sort of a routine.  You do the same thing day after day with little variation.  Not so much in real estate.  You do the same activities, yes.  But in unpredictable order.  I once won the "squirrel award".  You know.  Over here.  Over there.  It is really important to be focused though.  🙂
2. You meet some great and crazy people.   When I say "great" people, I mean the kind that you remain friends with after closing and FB each other or text or have coffee.  When I say "crazy" I mean the kind of people that you hope forget your name.  You know what I am talking about.
3.  Payday may become mayday.  The stress and pressure of the entire process boils down to the final day,  hour and minute when you hold your breath and pray nothing goes wrong. And remember that it isn't over until your check clears the bank.  Learn to roll with the punches.
 4.  Who's the boss?  There is nothing worse than having a conversation with the husband and then later finding out that the wife is the boss.  And vice versa.   I have found that usually the wife is the boss.  I mean really?  Duh?
 5.  Mortifyingly and embarrassing things I said. The one that really stands out in my mind is the one where I said "OMG what a disgusting house" only to have them respond "OMG this is the house of my dreams".  I learned the true meaning of "shut up".  I am still working on that one.

In conclusion, if you want an exciting career become a real estate agent.  If that doesn't work you could go undercover as a Federal Agent.  You chose.