Get Your Texas Real Estate License In 30 Days

I talk to many people about getting their real estate license.  I have found that the majority of people have the same misunderstanding.
*It takes to long to get a real estate license.
All of the classes are taken online.  There are 180 hours worth of classes.  The school that I recommend does not have a "clock" on it.  That is, you can take them as quickly or as slowly as you like.  If you work at it a couple of weeks is not unreasonable.
* I won't be able to pass the test
The truth is that many people do not pass the test the first time.  Some of the top agents did not pass the test the first time.  As with many tests, your job is to pass the test and then learn how to do the real business.
 *It costs too much money.
Any time you choose to invest in yourself you can expect to spend money.  In this case, remember this is your business.  It is not a job that you go to and make someone else money.  I can get you a discount on the school.  The classes, fingerprints, testing, joining the National, Texas, and Amarillo Association of Realtors, your key to gain access to the houses and access to the Multiple Listing Services you can get for UNDER $2000.  And you do now need all of the money at one time.
*It will take me 6 months to have an income.
I can show you how you can have a predictable  income and how you can do it pretty quickly.  Of course, as with anything, you get what you put into it.  I can show you the steps.  You need to do them.
*The Market is bad.
The market in Amarillo is brisk.
Please contact me for more information on getting your Texas real estate license.