Are You Looking For A Job Or Do You Want To Be An Empire Builder?

When you are looking for a  job which one of these headlines is more appealing?

  • Looking for someone to lead our sales team.  Salary plus benefits.  Apply here.
  • Who wants to make a difference in the world? We are looking for Empire builders.  These people need to have a passion about what they do and are continually trying to be better.  If this sounds like you, send your resume to me and answer the following question "Tell me about the greatest vacation you ever took.  And what made it great?"
In today's world we don't get a job right out of high school and stay with it 30-40 years then retire with a pension.  If you are just getting out of high school, or more likely college, you are probably just hoping you can find a job.  And chances are you are looking for a job that can be a stepping stone to the next job that will make you more money, etc.
The one thing that the above statement does not address is "are you passionate about what you do?". Having a job to step to the next level is nothing more than a way to pay your bills.  But what happens if you really don't like what you do?  Or the lesser evil, you don't mind what you do.  Is that any way to live your life?
When you jump out of bed every morning and can't wait to get the day started, you have found a passion. When Monday is the "yeah" day instead of the "ugh" day you know you made it!
Is this even possible?  It is.  It is possible to have a career opportunity/business opportunity that you are passionate about.  It is possible to be an Empire builder and never want to leave.  It is even probable that if you find that one thing that you are passionate about you will never want to leave.  And you can give yourself a raise whenever you want.
That is who I am looking for. Someone that wants to be on a team that makes a difference in the world. That wants to build an Empire.  And someone that wants to be passionate about something that will in turn, fund your perfect life.
If that is you,  reply to the second job opportunity above.  If you are more interested in #1 then you won't be happy with #2.  And that is OK.  🙂